Sadomasochism What do you think

January 31st, 2017

So me personally I am not really into Bondage and Sadomasochism but a friend of me send me this site I know the domain name is a bit funny.
But Sams Bondage Mall has changed my view completely on those more extreme kinds of porn. A lot of his videos is from something called Shocking Movies – Link Here

And thats so funky shit right there, but still I do like a lot of it haha.

What about you guys ?, let me know below what you think.

Sams Bondage Mall


My favourite video

Busty Ashanti displays her tits and pussy

November 28th, 2016

Striptease on cam

Ashanti gets naughty on webcam each time one of her lovers would jerk off in front of her while recording. She plays with her bald pierced cunt, huge round tits, and enjoys showing off her bubble butt. This is her simple way of making her horny BF cum just by watching her!

Hot ass chick Ashanti fucked from behind

July 11th, 2016

Sexy babe Ashanti likes wearing her kinky lingerie but her favorite are the skanky fishnet ones. She feels extra slutty in these and her boyfriend agrees. While Ashanti feels more sexy and wild in her nasty outfits, her BF gets aroused pretty quick just by looking at her in them and they always end up having the hottest quickies wherever they may be. They’re about to attend a party but sultry Ashanti teased her beau in her new lingerie that’s why she got punished by getting that wet pussy banged from behind before leaving.

Hot doggystyle fuck before a party

Sexy ass Ashanti takes thick dick

March 9th, 2016

Singer/songwriter Ashanti was acclaimed as “Princess of Hip-Hop & R&B” because she’s one of the award-winning artists around. Her talent has taken her to heights where a lot can’t reach even if they’ve been in the business for years. Probably one of her secrets is keeping it real while her both her feet are planted firmly on the ground. This and another hobby, which keeps her looking tight and sexy, people will actually believe she’s had tons of hours working out in a gym plus a bunch of squats to get that perfectly round ass. Good thing she’s got this video “working out” with an old pal.

Ashanti gets banged deep

They were gym buddies until they got to try training on the bench by pleasuring each other after a warm shower. Ashanti got hooked with these naughty encounters that she took them home and recorded videos of her going hardcore while having sex. She enjoys it more when her pal’s dick is twice as thick as the microphone she uses while singing on stage. She fantasizes about her mic as a stiff cock wanting to be sucked and there’s no other way to release some tension after a performance than grabbing some hot dude backstage and giving him head and eventually getting her cunt stuffed hard. For this she gets to have a bonus round of rough fucking, just like in this wild clip.

Ashanti Masturbation Video Scandal

August 30th, 2010

sexy ashanti boobs

Whoa, Ashanti! Could this hot babe in this video scandal getting clearly naked in a car, having a play, pounding herself silly with a cute little vibrator, then bending over and stroking her love muffin the famous pop diva? We are pretty damn sure that if it’s not her, then it should be her identical twin sister, if she has one, because it sure looks her! Just check out these hot and scandalous Ashanti naked photos to verify for yourself if it really is her.

sexy ashanti pussy

Ashanti never fails to surprise us when it comes to her hidden sleaze and amidst all the controversies she’s been in lately. This time we have uncovered this scandalous video of Ashanti and in it, she shows off her great body while doing some of the most provocative and kinky stuff enough to get you all hard in between your legs! Watch Ashanti display her hot tits, ass and delicious pussy before the camera, you will definitely fall in lust with Ashanti even more! So don’t just stand there, check out Ashanti’s scandalous photos and get a load of the other goodies waiting there for you.

sexy ashanti breasts

Sexy Ashanti In A Maid’s Outfit

April 21st, 2010

Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, you are simply sexy, girl!  Just take a look at these screencaps from the Black Entertainment Network, and you’ve got to give props for our girl looking oh-so-fine and sexy in the video that she did.  Now I’ve got a new fantasy about Ashanti that I can add to my list of things to whack off to at night!

Mmmm… Ashanti in a maid’s outfit at my beck and call.  The first thing I would do is have her clean the floor like she did in the video, only she’d be wearing something even shorter!  Her panties would be peeking out of her dress and I’d spank her naughty rump!  You’ve been a bad girl, Ms. Ashanti, let me show you how you clean floors.

Then I’d take that ass and squeeze it tight before pulling her panties down!  Then I’d take her on the floor, doggy-style!  Man, the things that come into your head just because of these dirty pictures.  Sorry to inflict my fantasy on all of you concerning this lusty black beauty, I’m sure you have your own fantasies after seeing these raunchy pics!  And you can have even more when you check out Ashanti Naked, because that’s the place we get all these sexy and nude pics from Ashanti, and more!

Gorgeous Ashanti gets ripped by a cock

February 11th, 2010

Ever heard of black beauties? Girls who look absolutely gorgeous despite, or rather, because they are black as the dark night. Well, let me take this opportunity to clarify one thing. There are black beauties, and there is Ashanti! Oh yes, Ashanti is simply on a league of her own when it comes to pulchritude. The chocolate-covered R&B star is simply to die for! Her skin literally melts in your mouth (not that I have tasted it – i wish!), her tits are perky, bouncy, and everything you want tits to be, and her ass is just so fucking tight and big! That’s what we want in a chick alright, the whole fucking package!

What then separates Ashanti from other black beauties? Well, aside from the fact that this girl can actually sing, and actually has real talent, it’s her naked pictures. Most black beauties should be called just black beau-tease, because they tease and tease but show nothing to satisfy the lust of horndogs throughout the world. Well, Ashanti is different! She actually release naked photos of her so we can now more than the ass and the tits, and that angelic face. We can actually see her pussy! Pussy as pink as when it was before she was fucked by black guys with their giant pricks and bull balls! Click here to see pictures of Ashanti naked and you tell me – isn’t she really in a league of her own?

Ashanti and her hot upskirt photos

July 2nd, 2008

If you’re as famous and as sexy as Ashanti, wearing some of the most provocative and revealing clothes is not much of a problem, but sometimes if you’re not that careful with your every move and when the paparazzi’s prying camera suddenly spots an opportunity on you, expect to have those pictures sprawling all over cyberspace in a flash! Take for example these pictures of Ashanti during one of her several live performances where a hornbag spotted something interesting and decided to snap away from down below! And what do you get?… a bevy of upskirt photos of her and you guys out there can have sneak peak of what lies underneath Ashanti’s sexy mini skirt.

If these photos are starting to make you stiff, then you might want to see the entire photo set of more revealing pictures of Ashanti and you might be getting more than just her steamy upskirt photos.

Sexy pictures of Ashanti revealed

July 2nd, 2008

We all know that Ashanti is one of the hottest R&B babes ever to have come out in the music industry in 2000 and she is known for her unique singing voice and awesome sex appeal whether she gets on stage or while she grinds her sexy body in her music videos, but are you prepared to see a more daring Ashanti who will take it all off and keep you all hard and excited as we give you some her ultra sexy pictures that we have in our possession and mind you, these pictures are too damn hot to handle and it will guarantee to make you sizzle like hell underneath that bulging pants of yours! If these pictures are starting to make you all horny, wait ‘till you see the rest of the images inside and all you have to do is get that mouse moving and lavish yourself with more explicit and jaw-dropping sexy pictures of the R&B diva Ashanti.